The triumphant return of QR codes

QR code flow

I’m doing something again that I did more than ten years ago that didn’t exactly work out. I’m adding QR codes to my sites.

QR codes are experiencing a comeback and might be here to stay this time. The pandemic brought QR codes front and center as many restaurants used them to view menus, order food, and pay bills. People also found QR codes easy to use because all iPhones and Android smartphones now natively support them.

If you look for QR codes, you’ll see them everywhere. I see them on retail packaging, boxes, commercial vehicles, and even waypoints. They have become an easy way to quickly get information without having to enter anything into your phone. You scan the code with your camera, and that’s it.

That brings me back to why I’m adding them to my sites. People print and save web pages to PDFs all of the time. Sometimes it’s from a brochure site for a place they might want to visit, while other times, it’s an article they want to share with a friend or family member. I want to make it as easy as possible for anyone reading a printed article or PDF to view it on their mobile device quickly. QR codes solve that problem.

I wrote a very brief history about QR codes if you’re interested, but if you aren’t, you can skip past it in the article and jump to the best part: How to add QR codes to web pages.

Have you tried Neeva yet?

Neeva search engine

Google is still my primary search engine, but Neeva has begun to woo me away for certain types of searches. If you’re not familiar with Neeva, it’s an ad-free, privacy-first, and highly personalized search engine created by ex-Googlers.

Besides the personalized search that incorporates Dropbox and Slack, I get the most utility from code-related searches. There is no other search engine that’s as good as Neeva when searching for web development topics and code examples. They have done a fantastic job.

I was lucky enough to get early private access to Neeva, and I wrote a first-look of the search engine back in April. I also have a referral link that will give you a free 3-month trial if you want to try it out.