There’s a new player in ecommerce, big tech looks for their shield, and Flash starts blocking itself

Interviews and podcasts are back this year. They disappeared in 2020, the same way conferences and gatherings and basic human interactions did. It wasn’t that I couldn’t have done them, but like many people, I just wasn’t feeling it. I’m feeling it now, though!

The Fabric interview

Fabric Co-founder Ryan Bartley and CEO Faisal Masud
Fabric Co-founder Ryan Bartley and CEO Faisal Masud

To kick off the return of interviews and podcasts, I had a conversation with Fabric CEO Faisal Masud and Co-founder Ryan Bartley. Fabric is a new headless commerce platform designed to modernize and replace complicated and expensive legacy commerce solutions. It’s also cloud-native, API-first, and modularized.

The podcast episode includes three of my favorite excerpts from the interview. In the first excerpt, I asked Co-founder, Ryan Bartley, to describe how Fabric went from an idea to a startup with $9.5 million in seed funding. In the second excerpt, I asked CEO Faisal Masud to explain further why software-only, low-touch commerce platforms, like Shopify Plus, would struggle to make the jump from SMB to mid-market enterprise. And in the third and final excerpt from the interview, I asked Ryan to explain the advantages of using headless commerce.

You can listen to the full 49-minute interview on Coywolf Pro.

Flash Player is dead, dead

Flash Player Notice

The twenty-five-year-old Adobe Flash Player is now “end of life” (EOL) and, as of January 12, 2021, will no longer play Flash content. Adobe is urging all users to uninstall it immediately.

Tech companies scramble to protect themselves after the Capitol riots

Big Tech Shield

As you’re probably already aware, big tech companies are banning incendiary posts and dropping support for apps that promote violent content that violate their terms of service. Tamara Scott looks into what this might mean for the future of purported “free speech” platforms after Parler’s demise.

Cool thing of the week: Animating a logo with SVG

As I’ve written about before, we should use SVG images whenever possible, especially for logos. Cassie Evans has taken that one step further by animating her logo using SVG. I’ll admit that it defeats the purpose of making the image as small as possible, but it’s very cool to see in action. If you’re curious to know how she did it, she published a tutorial on how she created it.